Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Secret #23 - I'm a cyber stalker

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Call it what you will - Lurker, computer savvy, cyber stalker... I am just that. All of that. In a very harmless way, I might add. Well, harmless to others - I can drive myself nuts!

If it has an entry on the web, if I want to somehow track someone down, if I think there is any way possible it might be on the net -I can find it. I can think outside the box that way. I can Google with the best of them. For hours. For the same thing. A bit OCD, I admit. But it can be useful!

I once found a high school classmate while getting ready for our 20th year reunion. I was a little distressed to find an entry with her name that said she was a lesbian softball coach in a major university. Not that there's anything wrong with that... (Seinfeld). She wasn't, by the way - A lesbian, that is. She is a doctor... Much more intimidating!

I have tracked down folks that owe us money. I have found folks to send stuff to. And I have closed my Facebook account because it makes it impossible for me to mind my own business!

I try to use my powers for good. Mostly. Sometimes I fail. Sometimes Grudgy Greta gets on the net and wreaks havoc with my sense of forgiveness and pride.

I lurk on a number of blogs. I try to leave comments. Sometimes I just lurk because all I can think to say is wow... I am so outclassed by the scores of other writers out there! But then, this here bloggy thing I do, it was made for me. So.... If I happen to stalk you, lurking there in the bloggy shadows and don't say a word, feel no fear! I am simply admiring your words and hoping one day to put mine down in a way that doesn't send you screaming from your computer...

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