Sunday, August 9, 2009

Secret #27 - Do you think she has a problem...

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Once a year, in a good year, we go to Las Vegas. We get a room at the oldie but goody hotel and I try to plan at least one night away from the tables to have dinner and maybe see a show. The rest of the time, as a dutiful wife, I spend at the poker tables with Hubby.

You would think after so many years together, we might have had some things of each other's rub off on us. Hubby is a fair poker player. He isn't one to have enough time to hone this into any kind of career, and I shudder to think that he might ever try. But he holds his own. He can play all day on $100. In Vegas, that is pretty cool! And it is useful. Mostly, because I am terrible.

I have a gambling problem. That is to say, I am a terrible gambler! Not that I jump up and scream when I have a good hand... I know the basics people! I just suck at playing odds! I cannot read the board, as those seasoned gamblers would say, so I often end up losing because I think I have something and I get soundly, roundly beat...

Why play at all then, you might ask? Because Hubby loves it so very much and I know he would be disappointed if we spent our time together, rare as it is without kids, separated and in different parts of the casino. I play very conservatively and just try to stay alive for the time that Hubby is playing so that I can eat lunch/dinner with a refreshed and rejuvenated husband, so happy in this element. Besides, the spas in Vegas are astronomically expensive!!!! What I would spend on a day at the spa would fuel Hubby's trip for 5 days! I just can't seem to justify that...

So, yes - I gamble. Yes, I have a gambling problem.... I absolutely suck at playing poker! That's the problem!
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