Saturday, August 1, 2009

Secret #19 - Mistress of Many Things

You have heard the saying Jack of All Trades, Master of None? Well, I like to think myself the Mistress of Many Things... I simply love to learn! I have been this way since I was a small child in the care of my Grandmother, who taught me that if I really want it and can't afford to buy it, learn to make it! I do a lot of things based on that philosophy.

Since I am a lunatic with three businesses, I do have to have some get up and go and a desire to learn how to get it done myself. Otherwise, all the meager earnings I have pooled together would go to someone else. In this economy, that is just not doable!

To simplify I have created a list of the varied (and yes, they are sooooo varied) things I love to do and some that I have to do. The list is in no particular order, just things that come to mind as I think... (ooooh! Here is a dark and scary trip into how my mind works....)

I have learned to:
  • give a newborn foal it's meds and an enema to help it pass it's meconium
  • open the amniotic sacs around puppies that just need a little help

  • calculate how much feed will be needed for the month

  • operate three businesses at once and do all the bookwork

  • emboss a little color into a card that seems just a little flat

  • listen when my kids come to speak directly to me

  • discern a lie from the truth by looking in a person's eyes

  • forgive when it isn't convenient or even on my list of desires

  • let it go (this is a work in progress...)

  • crochet an afghan when I can't find one I want ready-made

  • care for a Bearded Dragon including fecal samples to the vet

  • comfort a child over two dead bunnies killed by dogs

  • build simple websites for all businesses to succeed in this information age

  • speak volumes without saying a word

  • read the instructions.... There's great stuff in there!

  • bake gluten free

  • be flexible with my time when everyone wants a piece of me

  • make the best martinis suited to any kind of conversation, from Dirty Birds to Screaming Grape Apes

  • listen to that still small voice when it gives me a word of wisdom

  • pass on that word of wisdom, if I am supposed to

  • read my Bible when it gets too tough

  • drive a truck and trailer to the vet with a sick horse, praying the entire way that I'm wrong

  • hold my tongue when my opinion is not solicited

  • use Calligraphy to my advantage

  • count on Hubby as my best friend and confidant

  • speak the truth, even when it isn't comfortable

  • grow tomatoes on the porch in a container

  • lead a Bible Study, feeling extremely ill equipped but relying on God the entire time!

  • use Skype to keep from falling off the grid

  • be thankful - no matter what the storm

Of course, that is not a list in toto - but it's a start. I do a lot of different things and have figured out that if I hadn't married Hubby, I would probably have never stepped out of the box. He pushes me. He encourages me. He doesn't let me give up and he tells me when I got it wrong. He is absolutely my very bestest friend. I have great girlfriends, ones that don't let me fake it. But Hubby is a treasure given by God.

I have enjoyed this time. The Secrets are a very revealing walk, if you let them be. I am not a comedian like Spudballoo, I am not educated like Julochka, I cannot come close to Extranjera. But I am me, and I am truly enjoying this task. Thanks so much, Spud for sparking my interest! It is a wonderful trip!

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