Friday, August 14, 2009

Bucket List Item #1: See my kids succeed

OK. So this post is going to be a fairly general and goooshy post. So sue me! It's my blog and I'll embarrass myself as I see fit.

I want to see both of my kids succeed.

Let's clarify what I think that means...

I have Girl and I have Boy. They are very bright and wonderful children with amazing talents and very different personalities. They were born 19 months apart and have grown up each other's best playmates. It was not without challenges and some lectures on "you two are all you have!" But that is for another post...

For Girl I would love to see her be able to choose a career field that absolutely feeds her soul. That looks like success in its most material form, but I don't mean it that way at all. I want to see her do what she wants, like her daddy has, so that her amazing talents can feed her in ways that this broken world never will. She's my artist. She is the one who is unfailingly pragmatic and realistic and would more likely choose a field of work that would be responsible and make money. I want better for her. I want her to not waste years trying to fit into a mould that isn't hers. I want to see her succeed for her. To live in her shoes, not someone else's. I will do what I can to make sure she continues to write, continues to draw, continues to hone her crafts...

For Boy, I want to see him plug in! I have this fear that Boy will be my child that struggles against the grain for the rest of his life. I am proud he is a free-thinker, but I also understand that finessing that trait is all about gradients. (Is that even remotely grammatically correct? Eh!) I love that he is funny, wildly talented, incredibly linear in his thinking and very artsy as well. He is also the child that is most like me. He is impatient, stubborn, hot tempered... Yes, Grudgy Greta was in full swing when my son was percolating in the womb. I want him to keep his incredible sense of right and wrong, I want him to be an out-of-the-box-thinker and remain as innovative has he is right now. I also want him to be so very aware of how to make it in a world that often poses such threats to our dreams. I want him to be a dream seeker with tenacity and verve. I want to see him succeed.

So here is the first Bucket List post. I will post others, some not so ethereal... (Good Gracious, let's hope not!) See you tomorrow!

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