Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hiatus and other mishaps....

Hello Peeps! I know, I know... I didn't call, I didn't leave a note, I simply vanished and have sunk ever so low on your reading list, if I am still there at all. I understand, truly I do!

I have not been idle, however, just focused elsewhere. I tried to tell you here. But you are right, I should have at least called...

I have made some major changes to my schedule and hope that in the coming days and weeks I can get back to my bloggy self and make you all chuckle just a bit once more!

I have been keeping the faith by reading most of my friends on the most lovely iPad with an app called Flipboard. My only complaint is that it doesn't allow for an easy way to comment on those blogs... Must figure out how that can happen more so that you know I am still lurking around out there!

I have seen you Christina, Spud and McG! I have laughed and loved the pictures I am so dreadful at taking myself. I vow now to keep you in the loop and to remember that I carry my new camera (albeit a Point and Shoot) in my purse for those occasions that I can snap for blog posting.

(Horrendous quality picture taken with phone.... Love the idea and the picture content - Need to ditch the phone and use the camera!)

Lovely Husband, as he will now be known, has freed my schedule to pursue my ever growing love of writing and I am hoping that I can somehow make him proud. In his generosity, I am lighter than air and feeling very freeeeeeee!!!! Looking forward to lists, rants and raves, some truly awful pictures and the simple things. Boy, have I missed you!

Prepare yourselves... I am hoping to be back - with a vengeance!
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