Sunday, November 21, 2010


I have never pretended to be a foodie or a wine snob... In fact if I make something with more than three ingredients and it takes more than 30 minutes I have outdone myself!

I buy mid priced wine, usually no more than $15/bottle. Ok, so maybe cheap wine! I have a favorite but I'm also not opposed to trying something new. I admit I'm a sucker for a cool label. Bought a bottle of wine called "Bitch" once... If you have never tried it, don't! TERRIBLE! I couldn't even choke down one glass... So I was dubious when I picked up my next cool labeled vintage.

The back of the bottle reads: "Somewhere near the cool shadows of the laundry room. Past the litter box and between the plastic lawn toys. This is your time. Time to enjoy a moment to yourself. A moment without the madness. The dishes can wait. Dinner be damned. Mad Housewife Cabernet Sauvignon."

Oh yeah! Cool label, nifty cork, it has it all! And surprisingly a decent Cabernet... So here I sit, sipping Mad Housewife, nibbling turkey burgers with the kids and thoroughly enjoying myself with a quick blog post. Dinner be damned indeed!

Hope your Sunday is wine-worthy!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

am I really back, or just bluffing again

Yeah... This blogging thing can get to be harder than one originally thought! Not that I don't love it, I do!

I love my blog gal-pals that seems to completely get my sense of humor and my tendency to disappear from time to time..... I love lurking on sites and contemplating posts inspired by their insights and observances. I think bloggers share on a level rivaled by many. It is a freeing space in which you can share the cleaning of a closet with the triumph due military prowess! That's awesome! It is a place you can be free to bitch about all manner of crap. You can wax nostalgic, prognosticate intellectually or simply barf up what's got you pissy... It's yours to decide. And it's wonderful!

Me? Well I've been working on some other projects... Wrote a book, having it self-published (for all the self-important stigma that has with it), and started another project. Have another blog (one I seem to keep up better), that isn't at all like this one... And of course the holidays are descending with a quickness I am very uncomfortable with!

I continue to love the forum and the folks I met here. I will continue on, I am sure. If you want to peek at another side of me, check out It is who I am... On another level altogether, I assure you.

Like my penchant for watching "Survivor" or "Bizzarre foods", try not to judge me too harshly... I still love an excellent cup of coffee and a good glass of wine!

And rest assured - I have stayed away from black hairspray!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


For all of you that have any delusions about what it means to listen to your teens and dress up at Halloween, let me just steer you away from one accessory... Black hairspray.

This stuff seems innocuous enough.... Says on the can it washes out with a regular shampooing, and of course it does. It just doesn't tell you how many washes it will take! Now, to be fair, there is a warning regarding those folks with very fair, light blonde hair. But that is where it stops.

In order to help my readers out in case you are delusional and think that you too can be cool at Halloween, I have compiled a list of interesting, and sometimes disgusting, facts about black hairspray.

*The can advises that you not overspray lest you stain certain white/ivory bath mats you may have... They are not kidding!

*One can is not enough to thoroughly blacken modest shoulder length hair, but it is enough to blacken the outside of your ears, the side of your face and the back of your neck!

*Once your hair is dry, one would think you could manipulate it into your chosen Halloweenie type style... oh, you can! Just know you will have to wash your hands - Over and over and over.

*The consistency of most hairspray is very drying. Not this stuff... It feels like motor oil!

*And if the lovely feeling of motor oil weren't enough, consider that whatever you happen to be wearing that comes in contact with your lovely blackened "do" will now also be dyed a complimentary dingy grey! Sa-weet!

*Once you have decided that the fun must cease and you rush to the shower to cleanse your locks, understand the shampooing directions of lather, rinse, repeat are not optional but absolutely mandatory! Twice!

*Lest you think that you missed a spot, be assured that when swabbing your ears and blowing your nose you will be continually reminded of your folly for at least two days!

*You will say to yourself more than once, "How did I get it THERE?" (Better to leave that one alone...)

*Definitely take pictures because unless you are crazy, you will never do this again!
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