Sunday, June 20, 2010

There's always hope

I mean, isn't there?  Hope that another day spent cleaning the barn will be appreciated, hope that we can get all the horses turned out without incident and drama, hope that we can have just a little more God-delivered stretched time to get just a little more done before we have to leave in the morning...  I am hopeful.

I am hopeful that visiting the Man in OKC will not be a dreadful and sweltering experience.  I am hopeful that he will be happy to see me and not be pouty about his horses or his ride or how hot it is (he is such a pansy in hot weather).  I am hopeful that the trip will end with seeing my sis-in-law, whom I adore, and having saved up enough chuckle time to smile sweetly later in the summer.

I am hopeful that the kids will truly enjoy their time at the lake planned for mid-July and then come back to my sister's visit and the meeting of their newest cousin, Lexi-Loo.  I am hopeful that she will be a wonderful, laughing bundle and we can enjoy s'mores by the fire and a great glass of wine in the warm evening breeze.

I am hopeful once more...  What are you hopeful for?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Things I hate about being a woman...

Can you tell it has been one of those days?  Well, one of those weeks, actually!  I don't know what it is, but when Shane leaves the ranch there will inevitably be something that I have to deal with that is very decidedly the territory of boy-decision-land.  Cars, the well pump, major horse issues, fencing blunders, etc.  It always seems to crop up when Man is out of pocket and cannot be reached.

Today started out with a small list of tasks I wished to complete before I headed back to the ranch to get the kids and go summer clothes shopping.  I needed to go to the bank (check), wash the car and wipe it down inside (check), get the oil changed in the car (screeeeeeeeeech!) - And there I became irrefutably mired in Boy-Land!

Why is it when you have boobs (Yes, I said the b-word and I know I may pop up on some unsavory searches...) men instantly think you cannot possibly understand logic?  Makes me insane!  Husband is somewhat of a gear head and I have been around garages for our entire 18 year relationship.  I had to, or I would have not been his girlfriend...  But I digress.  So I know when a mechanic pulls me out of my seat in the waiting room to "show me something", I am about to get really pissed off.  Both because he is about to piss me off and because he is about to try to stick to his story... 

My lovely Ford Edge needed new brake pads on the rear wheels and some might say the rotors needed turning.  I asked the mechanic if we could get away with a pad-slap (very gear-headed-lingo of me!) and I would deal with the rotors when I returned?  He was obviously surprised that I knew that term and he stopped talking to me like an imbecile at that point.  Good choice, Sparky!

Manager-Man was not so smart...  He tried to tell me that the coupon I had for the brake job was not going to cut it and that the labor was more for different brands of pads.  Um....  Gee, Mr Manager, Do I look like my boobs are in my ears?  Or my eyes?  Do I look stupid to you????????  Tell me that there is a difference in labor from one brand of pad to another - Are you wanting me to leap over the counter and wrap your tie around the ceiling fan?????????  Gimme a break!  I looked him squarely in the face and said, "You do realize that that is about the stupidest thing I have ever heard?" and then I mumbled, "I wish my husband were here!"

It is so amazing to me that all at once, the tire rotation suddenly was free, the battery terminal service was removed from the order, and the brake job was reduced by $20. Hmmmm.... 

And if that was not bad enough boy-behaviour, yesterday I spent the majority of my day arguing with an Ebay goober that requiring cash payment was against Ebay policy.  DUDE!  Seriously?  Do you think I was born yesterday????  I am NOT sending you cash!!!  You put the item on Ebay, you can abide by the rules of Ebay and accept PayPal as a form of payment or I'm not buying your crap!  Idiot actually had the b***s to threaten me with "negative feedback" and report me to Ebay...  Amazing how that fizzles when you tell them you have already talked to Ebay-Gods and confirmed that you are within your rights to cancel the sale.  So leave your negative comments, DUDE!  You are sooooooo busted!  (I did get my way, BTW. Because I ROCK!) He got awful cordial and apologized multiple times after that revelation...  Ugh.

Boys... You can't live with 'em, and you better have help to bury them if you shoot 'em!

I'm going to fix myself a drink on the front porch now... No shopping for me tonight!  I might just kill someone!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Unstructured Randomness

Yeah, I'm not good at following those Random Tuesday bits, or Wordless Wednesdays, I pretty much suck at any kind of structure type...  Makes me a good entrepreneur, I guess (not a good speller).  I still have the random days and I feel the need coming on now.  While waiting until next Tuesday may make for a larger, more interesting, more complex list, I will not wait!  I'm spoiled like that.  So here goes my list:
  • What in the world is up with my stinking body lately???  All my food seems to get stuck in about the mid abdomen level and it makes for some very uncomfortable hours while it moves on past.
  • Why is it I have been counting calories for over a month now and have only lost 4 pounds?  I hate to think that I actually have to start exercising... I don't like 40-something already!
  • If absence makes the heart grow fonder, I am going to freaking tackle my husband once he finally returns home!  He has been home a grand 5 days in the last 16 and won't be home more than 4 more before the month is out...
  • Don't you just want to smack folks right through your computer screen who think they can pass judgement on others with a cursory glance at their blog?  (Yes, Rachel, I am still fuming over Carin - Who is a complete waste of skin!)
  • When I am tempted to compare my life to others, I have recently started checking myself.  No amount of money, fame, or other material stuff can possibly make up for having a partner that just loves you - All of you, no matter what, all the time.
  • My give-a-pooper has gotten really broken for folks that can't bother to be honest.  I just hate being lied to and I have started just cutting it out!
  • I am terribly thankful that my Vista PC is still working and not having the issues with IE8 that others have had, or that my XP PCs have had.
  • I LOVE MY MACS!!!!!  It is incredibly nice to have machines that just work and allow me to get so much more done in a day!  Sa-Weet!
  • I am still in bloggy-love with so many of you talented ladies that write, write, write with such consistency.  I have slacked off and I am really trying to figure out a new project to do that will give me a writing goose in the britches!
  • I REALLY wish that alcohol was calorie free!  Man...  Count those calories sometime, would ya?
  • Does someone out there have a house-cleaning genie they wouldn't mind sharing?  If he looked like that Prince of Persia, I wouldn't mind either... (Even Girls blushes when she talks about Jake...)
  • Still loving my phone... Think I have found the answer to iPhone not playing nice with Verizon.  But be warned, if the iPhone comes to Verizon - I know I will have to get one!
  • On the same note, still very much in love with the Edge-mobile.  Have had so many folks just stop me and ask how I like my car...  It is really a sweet ride, as one of my daughter's friends once said.  It too has a free pass in my book and a home for the long haul.
Hope I haven't bored you to tears... But then, isn't that what blogging is all about? Blogging like no one is reading and just for your own sanity?  I am sure that is part of how it all started...  Like Liz, I think I am ready to do some drastic simplification!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What do you say to that?

You know, those times when someone says or does something to you or around you that simply leaves you speechless.  You cannot give advice, you cannot comment, you are utterly flabbergasted and wordless.
My niece's face just says it all...

I have moments like those piling up all around me these days and I figure I will get them out of my head and maybe you have something to say about them...  Or maybe you have some of your own to add...

What do you say...

* When your friend tells you her husband wears boots that he thinks transform him into some sort of superhero?
* When reading a blog you come across a comment that is so completely rude and disgusting it leaves you cold?
* When your husband, out of frustration, tells you to pack up and go home after you have traveled over an hour to see him? (At his request, I might add.)
* When your child tells you that other kids find them weird and throw things at them?
* When you know someone is cheating and it affects your livelihood?
* When words fail and all you can do is gulp air and tear up?
* When the computer you purchased (not the Macs) blows up 4 days out of the box and the foreigner on the other end of the chat tells you it will be 4 weeks before you see a replacement?
* When your husband realizes that he's upset you and he shows up with flowers AND jewelry to make it better?
* When you realize that your marriage, though not perfect, is steadier than you ever thought it was?
* When the day ends in such perfection it takes your breath away?
* When your friends realize how much you really do care and they express it in ways you couldn't ever repay?

What do you say when you have regained your speech after a bout with wordlessness?  I guess it depends on the situation.  Sometimes, it is just better to stay silent!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

15 years and counting (Although a bit late...)

Yes, my man and I have been married a tenuous 15 years the 6th of May....  He was a super star with how he bailed himself out of the dog house (I had a very untimely fit the morning of our celebration):

I have said it before... He is simply the best gift giver ever!!!  And for Mother's Day...

He knows me so very very well.... Traditional Cameo gift just melted my heart!

And so today, a month later, I reflect on all the myriad resons I choose to love my man, despite his failings and my own.  Because, unlike the ethereal nature of today's love affair with "feelings", I choose to believe that love is a choice.  It is a choice you make each and every morning when you awaken to love the man sleeping with his mouth open and snoring profusely.  I choose not to hit him over the head in the same sleeping state for making me mad in a dream...  I choose to love him.  And I am grateful he chooses to love me back and not trade me in for the newer,  thinner, more compliant model...

So!  On with the list:

:-:  I choose to love him because he still whistles at me when I walk into a room, dressed for some event or other
:-:  I choose to love him because I would hate to have to wear makeup all the time for fear of being au naturale when a hot dude walked by...
:-: I choose to love him because he is teaching my kids to work and be responsible and overcome their fears
:-: I choose to love him because he takes my spoiled behaviour and he listens to the message that really is going on...
:-: I choose to love him because to explain his inadequacies he tells me quite blatently, "Honey, Men are stupid!"
:-:  I choose to love him because he will say he is sorry and admit when he is wrong.
:-: I choose to love him because he is always my very best friend
:-:  I choose to love him because he is my biggest champion and benefactor - Even when I don't deserve it!
:-:  I choose to love him because he chooses me - Everytime!
:-:  I choose to love him because it is the hardest and easiest thing I have ever done!

Enough gush and goo...  Love is my choice even today when it is blazingly hot and Man wants me to traipse down to the horse show once again - Because he misses me!  (Collective "awwwwww" cue ....  now!)

Salt and Pepper shakers with little magnets to make them kiss...  Adorable! (Blech!)

And finally it is warm around here!

Yup!  Spent the day in the southern part of the state yesterday and was very nicely toasted by the time I got home.  I forget that on the divide we live on, the temps are easily 20 degrees cooler than 50 miles to the north or south.  Amazing how much it changes and I am very glad for once to be on the cooler side of life!

Boon N Crockett - Supah Stah!!!!!

I was able to spend time with clients and friends and see The Man do his thing and win his competition!  It was wonderful.  The only thing that doused my enthusiasm was a migraine from the heat and a trip home at night with headlights staring me in the face...  Eh!  Small issues considering the great time I had...

Analog summer continues on and I am so far loving every minute of it!  Definitely not regretting the switch to Mac either.  Not terribly impressed with MacBook's teeny stature, but it sure is nice to have machines that just work!

Have almost completed project that has been looming over me.  It's a writing thing, if you hadn't already guessed.  Think I will do companion Blog with it...  Not sure I am ready for maintaining two blogs, but we shall see.  God will tell me what the right thing is to choose...

Have truly enjoyed checking in on my bloggy friends!  Miss you Spud!  Happy Blogiversary - Time sure does fly!  Happy Birthday, McGilly #2 Girl! Your Mom Rocks!  Congratulations Julocka, your new home looks serene and wonderful and the new materials will definitely set it apart!  Hoping you all are enjoying analog time in this wonderful season.
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