Saturday, June 5, 2010

And finally it is warm around here!

Yup!  Spent the day in the southern part of the state yesterday and was very nicely toasted by the time I got home.  I forget that on the divide we live on, the temps are easily 20 degrees cooler than 50 miles to the north or south.  Amazing how much it changes and I am very glad for once to be on the cooler side of life!

Boon N Crockett - Supah Stah!!!!!

I was able to spend time with clients and friends and see The Man do his thing and win his competition!  It was wonderful.  The only thing that doused my enthusiasm was a migraine from the heat and a trip home at night with headlights staring me in the face...  Eh!  Small issues considering the great time I had...

Analog summer continues on and I am so far loving every minute of it!  Definitely not regretting the switch to Mac either.  Not terribly impressed with MacBook's teeny stature, but it sure is nice to have machines that just work!

Have almost completed project that has been looming over me.  It's a writing thing, if you hadn't already guessed.  Think I will do companion Blog with it...  Not sure I am ready for maintaining two blogs, but we shall see.  God will tell me what the right thing is to choose...

Have truly enjoyed checking in on my bloggy friends!  Miss you Spud!  Happy Blogiversary - Time sure does fly!  Happy Birthday, McGilly #2 Girl! Your Mom Rocks!  Congratulations Julocka, your new home looks serene and wonderful and the new materials will definitely set it apart!  Hoping you all are enjoying analog time in this wonderful season.

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