Thursday, June 10, 2010

Unstructured Randomness

Yeah, I'm not good at following those Random Tuesday bits, or Wordless Wednesdays, I pretty much suck at any kind of structure type...  Makes me a good entrepreneur, I guess (not a good speller).  I still have the random days and I feel the need coming on now.  While waiting until next Tuesday may make for a larger, more interesting, more complex list, I will not wait!  I'm spoiled like that.  So here goes my list:
  • What in the world is up with my stinking body lately???  All my food seems to get stuck in about the mid abdomen level and it makes for some very uncomfortable hours while it moves on past.
  • Why is it I have been counting calories for over a month now and have only lost 4 pounds?  I hate to think that I actually have to start exercising... I don't like 40-something already!
  • If absence makes the heart grow fonder, I am going to freaking tackle my husband once he finally returns home!  He has been home a grand 5 days in the last 16 and won't be home more than 4 more before the month is out...
  • Don't you just want to smack folks right through your computer screen who think they can pass judgement on others with a cursory glance at their blog?  (Yes, Rachel, I am still fuming over Carin - Who is a complete waste of skin!)
  • When I am tempted to compare my life to others, I have recently started checking myself.  No amount of money, fame, or other material stuff can possibly make up for having a partner that just loves you - All of you, no matter what, all the time.
  • My give-a-pooper has gotten really broken for folks that can't bother to be honest.  I just hate being lied to and I have started just cutting it out!
  • I am terribly thankful that my Vista PC is still working and not having the issues with IE8 that others have had, or that my XP PCs have had.
  • I LOVE MY MACS!!!!!  It is incredibly nice to have machines that just work and allow me to get so much more done in a day!  Sa-Weet!
  • I am still in bloggy-love with so many of you talented ladies that write, write, write with such consistency.  I have slacked off and I am really trying to figure out a new project to do that will give me a writing goose in the britches!
  • I REALLY wish that alcohol was calorie free!  Man...  Count those calories sometime, would ya?
  • Does someone out there have a house-cleaning genie they wouldn't mind sharing?  If he looked like that Prince of Persia, I wouldn't mind either... (Even Girls blushes when she talks about Jake...)
  • Still loving my phone... Think I have found the answer to iPhone not playing nice with Verizon.  But be warned, if the iPhone comes to Verizon - I know I will have to get one!
  • On the same note, still very much in love with the Edge-mobile.  Have had so many folks just stop me and ask how I like my car...  It is really a sweet ride, as one of my daughter's friends once said.  It too has a free pass in my book and a home for the long haul.
Hope I haven't bored you to tears... But then, isn't that what blogging is all about? Blogging like no one is reading and just for your own sanity?  I am sure that is part of how it all started...  Like Liz, I think I am ready to do some drastic simplification!

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