Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Little things that make my day...
* bananas in my cereal, just a titch on the green side so they are slightly tart and firm
* listening to the Red Winged Black Birds trill their hellos to each other
* moments that make me smile like wild turkeys ambling down the middle of the road.

* my iPad... I still love it immensely
* waiting for the garden to produce greenness.... tulips are still just leaves. (Probably a good thing since we have snow)
* lists
* checking in on bloggity friends that post to Facebook and Twitter
* people who get me... and still want to hang around!
* red wine blends (because that's how I roll)
* new apps for my phone.... and frankly, my phone!
* watching it snow... again.
* the chiming of the grandmother clock
* kisses from my sweetheart
* Skype chats
* being done with anything

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Levi's Easter dragon kite
There are times in my life that I have come upon a moment and been absolutely taken aback by either the event itself or by my reaction to it.  This is one of those times.

Yesterday I was clicking along in my day feeling rather productive and safe when I learned of a dear friend's father passing away. We have all known it was coming and it is not a surprise for the most part to any party, but the way that it stopped me in my tracks yesterday (and somewhat still this morning) has me floundering about as if I were lost.

Suddenly I am faced with the reality that there comes a time when there is no more.  No more "I love you's", no more five-more-minutes, no more hugs or smiles or shared laughter. No more. Maybe it is because my husband travels so much and maybe it is simply hormonal, but that struck me dumb and I was thrown unceremoniously into the black pit of no more.... How would I react to my no more moment?

On the wings of angels my friend's father departs us, left standing in the moment of No more.... I am a little jealous.  I wish I were that free, that ready and that excited to see my Lord. I am still very tethered to this life and this family I have. I am still very weepy at the thought of No more...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring is almost Sprung

Columbine coming back to life.

Tulips starting to peek through the soil...

Hyacinth on the rise!

I am so incredibly excited for the tulips I planted last fall to poke up their lovely little heads! One can only hope that there was enough fertilizer applied to develop blooms... I know, I know... Can't I just be happy that they are coming up at all?

Winter at 7200ft in elevation is a marathon to say the least. We get those lovely days above 60 degrees, yes, but then at night we drop to well below comfortable. And then there is the snow... Truly, I am hoping for more snow! We need so much more moisture to pull us out of the impending drought and to make our hayfield worth processing in June.

I can always water the flower beds, the back yard, and the bushes... I cannot, however, water that front hayfield without penalty of law. So snow, rain or monsoonal moisture of almost any kind, I am patiently waiting!

In the meantime, I will enjoy the little pokey noses of my upcoming blooms! Woot woot!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Randomness for starters...

- I love new technology, but I am rapidly becoming weary of how quirky it can be. Teaching Lovely Husband new things is exhausting!
- Company in from out of town is awesome... And having one's home back to oneself is also very awesome!
- Why is the coffee shop completely packed and buzzing (no pun intended) at 4 o'clock in the afternoon? Shouldn't these people be working, caring for families or something? (Insert pang of guilt here.)
- Why is it when one clears one's schedule for an activity one desperately desires to have time to do that suddenly one feels the need to be anywhere else than where they have cleared their schedule to be?
- I am wondering if I am ever going to be a better photographer and more excited about snapping pics of stuff I find interesting. Maybe it is because I have been so stinking busy I am looking down more... Must concentrate on looking up!
- Shopping for new bottles to sample turned this up... Plan on giving label to dear friend who collects them... After we enjoy the insides, of course!

- I love the fact that large stores like Walmart are waking up and carrying gluten free products! Makes it much more possible to do a quick one stop for multiple items...
- I am jealous of the other areas of the country (and world) that are already enjoying spring-like conditions. I cannot even think about planting flowers while we are still getting snow alternating with days of 70 degree weather!
- Very excited to finish Kentucky Derby bonnet invitation... 10 year old birthday party... (sigh)
- Have realized that my children are turning into amazing adults, again. Does that ever get old? Note to self: Ask mother....
- In addition to trying to do more with photos, since I cannot seem to discipline to using camera, checking out Instagram for the Droid... I hear it is absolutely fabu!
- Loving time to put down some randomonium...
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