Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Little things that make my day...
* bananas in my cereal, just a titch on the green side so they are slightly tart and firm
* listening to the Red Winged Black Birds trill their hellos to each other
* moments that make me smile like wild turkeys ambling down the middle of the road.

* my iPad... I still love it immensely
* waiting for the garden to produce greenness.... tulips are still just leaves. (Probably a good thing since we have snow)
* lists
* checking in on bloggity friends that post to Facebook and Twitter
* people who get me... and still want to hang around!
* red wine blends (because that's how I roll)
* new apps for my phone.... and frankly, my phone!
* watching it snow... again.
* the chiming of the grandmother clock
* kisses from my sweetheart
* Skype chats
* being done with anything

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