Monday, May 9, 2011


You know there are days that are in the bin before they even start? Days like today, when I started washing dishes, a task I despise, and the sprayer on the kitchen sink broke unexpectedly and sprayed me full on in the face. Days like that. Days you want to just slink back into the bedroom, slide under the cool covers and pull your pillow over your head and call it good. Those kind of days.

I love that there are peeps in my life that don't let me stay there. Peeps like the Man, who even though he is being the kindest he knows how, tell me to get off my pity party ass and get the hell out! Those peeps. The ones who laugh at the sprayer incident and aren't afraid I will find offense in their glee. I am glad I have those who bring me back to the reality that my life is actually pretty darned easy in comparison to others.

There are so many random things that are floating around in my head that a random list of them is the only way I can think to get them out and leave them behind. So here goes...

* I am tired of listening to ex-pats complain about the US and anything about our political, emotional or educational status. You choose not to live here anymore, you no longer have my ear in your opinion on what goes on here. Get over yourself and thinking you are superior because you chose to leave. Make your decision and stick with it. I will be un-listening to your rants from here on.

* Springtime around here means making some decisions about bravery. I must be brave to plant anything this early as we still face at least one more snow event, be it little or large. But I simply could not help myself and have begun the process. Wish me luck!

* I am sincerely hoping that the Boy will finally understand his limitations with horror/scary/thriller type shows. After being awakened over the last three nights by a twelve year old in tears over a scary movie, I am cooked and definitely no longer in the running for mother of the year. Is it just a boy thing to think that he can handle it? At his age, I knew I couldn't handle the creepy movies and avoided being scared, I didn't court it like chocolate or hip hugger pants!

* Yesterday was the best Mothers Day I have had in years. Was it because I lowered my expectations, I relaxed into letting it be, or because it was somehow more recognized as a day I wanted to be special? I don't know. I don't really care either, I am just glad I didn't cry once, all day long!

* I wish there was a way to fund my addiction to all things Apple by all the questions I answer when I take my iPad and keyboard to the coffee shop to write.

* My studio building has been ordered and will undergo construction around the first part of June. I am excited and perplexed and scared crap-less all at the same time. What an awesome responsibility and yet what a boost to the old ego when one's Man truly understands and wants to support in the way he knows how. Let the decorating begin!

* Gave up thinking that I would ever be an accountant. Have handed the reins over to a trusted friend who is working with me through all the odd quirks, strange entries and weird aversions I have had through the years. She has her work cut out for her! But what a relief to feel that burden being lifted and not just chucked to the ground and run away from.

* I am such an addict to my electronics that there are days I feel a complete slave to them. I wish there were a time that I could feel completely comfortable turning the darned phone off and spending a few hours reading and being quiet without guilt. But then I worry the entire time that I will not be available should something go awry and I am off pampering myself with silence. Silly, huh?

* I miss my grandmother. She was such a comforting soul to me. I know she had to have habits that drove her kids nuts, but to me she was always just Gramma. I wish I still had her to hug and breath in her gramma-ness. I wish I could sit in her living room and listen to her talk in the coolness of the afternoon. I miss her. When I planted my peony this weekend, I thought of her. It will be a wonderful reminder...

And that is all for now. I think I have lifted enough from my brain to now think clearer for just a few hours. Thank you to the Man for kicking me out and making me do what I said I would. You rock, even if you did yell at me... :)

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