Monday, April 4, 2011

Randomness for starters...

- I love new technology, but I am rapidly becoming weary of how quirky it can be. Teaching Lovely Husband new things is exhausting!
- Company in from out of town is awesome... And having one's home back to oneself is also very awesome!
- Why is the coffee shop completely packed and buzzing (no pun intended) at 4 o'clock in the afternoon? Shouldn't these people be working, caring for families or something? (Insert pang of guilt here.)
- Why is it when one clears one's schedule for an activity one desperately desires to have time to do that suddenly one feels the need to be anywhere else than where they have cleared their schedule to be?
- I am wondering if I am ever going to be a better photographer and more excited about snapping pics of stuff I find interesting. Maybe it is because I have been so stinking busy I am looking down more... Must concentrate on looking up!
- Shopping for new bottles to sample turned this up... Plan on giving label to dear friend who collects them... After we enjoy the insides, of course!

- I love the fact that large stores like Walmart are waking up and carrying gluten free products! Makes it much more possible to do a quick one stop for multiple items...
- I am jealous of the other areas of the country (and world) that are already enjoying spring-like conditions. I cannot even think about planting flowers while we are still getting snow alternating with days of 70 degree weather!
- Very excited to finish Kentucky Derby bonnet invitation... 10 year old birthday party... (sigh)
- Have realized that my children are turning into amazing adults, again. Does that ever get old? Note to self: Ask mother....
- In addition to trying to do more with photos, since I cannot seem to discipline to using camera, checking out Instagram for the Droid... I hear it is absolutely fabu!
- Loving time to put down some randomonium...

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