Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What do you say to that?

You know, those times when someone says or does something to you or around you that simply leaves you speechless.  You cannot give advice, you cannot comment, you are utterly flabbergasted and wordless.
My niece's face just says it all...

I have moments like those piling up all around me these days and I figure I will get them out of my head and maybe you have something to say about them...  Or maybe you have some of your own to add...

What do you say...

* When your friend tells you her husband wears boots that he thinks transform him into some sort of superhero?
* When reading a blog you come across a comment that is so completely rude and disgusting it leaves you cold?
* When your husband, out of frustration, tells you to pack up and go home after you have traveled over an hour to see him? (At his request, I might add.)
* When your child tells you that other kids find them weird and throw things at them?
* When you know someone is cheating and it affects your livelihood?
* When words fail and all you can do is gulp air and tear up?
* When the computer you purchased (not the Macs) blows up 4 days out of the box and the foreigner on the other end of the chat tells you it will be 4 weeks before you see a replacement?
* When your husband realizes that he's upset you and he shows up with flowers AND jewelry to make it better?
* When you realize that your marriage, though not perfect, is steadier than you ever thought it was?
* When the day ends in such perfection it takes your breath away?
* When your friends realize how much you really do care and they express it in ways you couldn't ever repay?

What do you say when you have regained your speech after a bout with wordlessness?  I guess it depends on the situation.  Sometimes, it is just better to stay silent!


  1. . ask her where he got them, we could all use boots like that.
    .stop reading the blog, there's always an off button.
    .pack up and leave and cry all the way home
    .gather up the pieces of your heart and talk, talk, talk to the child.
    .confront that person and let them know the consequences of their actions in a non judgmental way, hard to do but necessary
    .gulp air, tear up and let it flow
    .ask said foreigner if you can speak to a freakin' American!!!!
    .accept the flowers and jewelry, but demand an apology in writing along with them
    .take comfort in the stability and don't look back... ever
    .let your breath go... you have more
    .forget repayment, it's a friendship just be there and love them when they need it

  2. p.s. she's totally adorable and i love the picture!

  3. Thanks Aliie! I reiterate... You rock!


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