Saturday, June 5, 2010

15 years and counting (Although a bit late...)

Yes, my man and I have been married a tenuous 15 years the 6th of May....  He was a super star with how he bailed himself out of the dog house (I had a very untimely fit the morning of our celebration):

I have said it before... He is simply the best gift giver ever!!!  And for Mother's Day...

He knows me so very very well.... Traditional Cameo gift just melted my heart!

And so today, a month later, I reflect on all the myriad resons I choose to love my man, despite his failings and my own.  Because, unlike the ethereal nature of today's love affair with "feelings", I choose to believe that love is a choice.  It is a choice you make each and every morning when you awaken to love the man sleeping with his mouth open and snoring profusely.  I choose not to hit him over the head in the same sleeping state for making me mad in a dream...  I choose to love him.  And I am grateful he chooses to love me back and not trade me in for the newer,  thinner, more compliant model...

So!  On with the list:

:-:  I choose to love him because he still whistles at me when I walk into a room, dressed for some event or other
:-:  I choose to love him because I would hate to have to wear makeup all the time for fear of being au naturale when a hot dude walked by...
:-: I choose to love him because he is teaching my kids to work and be responsible and overcome their fears
:-: I choose to love him because he takes my spoiled behaviour and he listens to the message that really is going on...
:-: I choose to love him because to explain his inadequacies he tells me quite blatently, "Honey, Men are stupid!"
:-:  I choose to love him because he will say he is sorry and admit when he is wrong.
:-: I choose to love him because he is always my very best friend
:-:  I choose to love him because he is my biggest champion and benefactor - Even when I don't deserve it!
:-:  I choose to love him because he chooses me - Everytime!
:-:  I choose to love him because it is the hardest and easiest thing I have ever done!

Enough gush and goo...  Love is my choice even today when it is blazingly hot and Man wants me to traipse down to the horse show once again - Because he misses me!  (Collective "awwwwww" cue ....  now!)

Salt and Pepper shakers with little magnets to make them kiss...  Adorable! (Blech!)


  1. Happy anniversary (a bit late)! He IS a wonderful gift-giver. The jewelry is beautiful!

  2. Happy Belated Anniversary! A wonderful post and it's wonderful how much in love you two still are. I must say, I am taken aback by your beautiful do you keep them so nice?

  3. Thanks, Ladies! Muse: My nails are a thing that is often a matter of perspective... I do them myself because I live 30 minutes from the nearest nail salon and I can't stand to pay for something that I don't always find satisfactory quality... :P I don't work much with horses, just sit in the office and do a little heavy lifting from time to time... (When I was massaging folks I couldn't have them at all.)


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