Saturday, November 13, 2010

am I really back, or just bluffing again

Yeah... This blogging thing can get to be harder than one originally thought! Not that I don't love it, I do!

I love my blog gal-pals that seems to completely get my sense of humor and my tendency to disappear from time to time..... I love lurking on sites and contemplating posts inspired by their insights and observances. I think bloggers share on a level rivaled by many. It is a freeing space in which you can share the cleaning of a closet with the triumph due military prowess! That's awesome! It is a place you can be free to bitch about all manner of crap. You can wax nostalgic, prognosticate intellectually or simply barf up what's got you pissy... It's yours to decide. And it's wonderful!

Me? Well I've been working on some other projects... Wrote a book, having it self-published (for all the self-important stigma that has with it), and started another project. Have another blog (one I seem to keep up better), that isn't at all like this one... And of course the holidays are descending with a quickness I am very uncomfortable with!

I continue to love the forum and the folks I met here. I will continue on, I am sure. If you want to peek at another side of me, check out It is who I am... On another level altogether, I assure you.

Like my penchant for watching "Survivor" or "Bizzarre foods", try not to judge me too harshly... I still love an excellent cup of coffee and a good glass of wine!

And rest assured - I have stayed away from black hairspray!

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  1. Ohhhh self published eh? may have to pick your brains on that one... and will definitely check out the new blog. I was thinking of doing a new on myself... my kids are older and I feel i've kinda worn out the mid life mama thing??? I dunno??


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