Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bucket List Item #14: Be homeless

"Is she nuts?" "Who would want that?????" "Seriously! Time to rethink my following list."

I can hear you... And I understand. I am often taken for seriously warped on this. Hubby rolls his eyes and pretty much says, "Not on your life!"

(Is she going to clarify?)

Why yes, I am!

I would like, in my old age, to be one of those horrifically green-house gas emitting huge motor home driving geezers who show up without calling because, hey! We have our own room! I want to drive around the states, visiting family, and seeing sights that we couldn't ever see while Hubby had his business and we had 30+ horses to take care of. I want to have a "house" that I can keep neat and tidy, mostly because I have to or we will suffer concussions due to Hubby's propensity for imitating Mario Andretti behind the wheel. I want to be able to see and do things on the fly, making decisions based on if our ride slash house can make that corner. I want to have a lap dog because they fit in the bus easier and are not likely to be stepped on by a horse or eaten by a coyote.

A Class A motorhome with slide-out extended

I want to be homeless.
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  1. Well if homeless means a $75,000 dollar motor home than you are going to be one fancy homeless person. However, we would like you and your homelessness to stop by anytime :)

  2. That's quite a dream and I can understand your desire to leave all the work and responsibility behind but in the end, I think you might miss the "roots" of your home. I think traveling would be fun for awhile but the novelty would soon wear off for me.

  3. Jess: I guess so! But then you didn't expect that this princess would do anything less, now did you?

    Marisa: I do crave responsibility-free days, but I also know that without those responsibilities I would feel lost! I know that my home will be ours for a very long time. I am content in that... Mostly! LOL!


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