Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Secret #29 - Point and Shoot (Gasp!)

To those photogs that are so splendid, know that I love you. Know that I covet your cameras. Your D60's and D90's. Your Nikons and yes, even your Canons. I want a new camera. Desperately.

Never gunna happen...

Hubby looks dubiously at me when I sigh over a new camera. He knows. And yet, he does not succumb to my desire to have clearer, crisper images. To be able to almost reach out and touch the image through the screen - He cannot fathom. He does not understand that the grainy images produced by our little Canon Power Shot, now completely obsolete as we have had it for over 7 years, and my BlackBerry camera don't even come close to what I wish to convey...

I search Craigslist and Ebay... I look online for sales to no avail. The cameras that have caught my eye and that I hear bantered about this blogosphere are just out of my price point all together. And the fact that I would use it primarily for blogging... Well, it goes without saying that Hubby just cannot make it compute.

I understand... But I still want one. Badly. Sad little Canon, you will have to do...

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