Friday, August 28, 2009

Bucket List Item #13: Sell a business for profit (what exactly is "profit?")

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Yeah. Entrepreneur. Up until about 3 years ago, that word had all kinds of incredibly wonderful connotations for me. I thought Entrepreneurs were these wildly inventive individuals like the dude who runs Virgin... I figured they were globe trotters with worldly experience who knew all and were undeniably intelligent and never, ever ran their businesses in the red.

Then someone called me an Entrepreneur! Who me? Surely not... I am not a globe trotter. I am located somewhere right of the "world". And that whole red thing - Well, let's just say I do business in crimson colored glasses!

I would like, as a Bucket List Item, to somehow, someday be able to sell one of the many businesses I run own for a profit. Now that would be a new thing! Of course, so would running a business that was profitable!

Fact is, I run three businesses and none of them is at a profit. One makes a little money but barely keeps it's head above water, one is my therapy, and one is hubby's dream job. All in all, I keep the hoola-hoops in motion, but nothing ever seems to be the seamless, smooth venture I pictured an entrepreneur would be in charge of. It feels very much like hoola-hooping with about 5 hoops going at all times, if not more! With all that activity, I should not be terrified at the thought of a swimsuit!

I can't complain too much. We have enough to pay the bills and I do drive a new car. We don't have bill collectors calling and we have food in the pantry. I guess I need to adjust my expectations...

I would like to sell a business for profit.
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