Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bucket List Item #2: Hold my neice

(I told you some things would be easily accomplished, some more esoteric...)

This is a list item I fully plan on moving Heaven and Earth to do!

I want to hold my sister's daughter in my arms and coo over her little egg-shaped head (no insult intended, I have just had two kids and their little heads get all squishy...) and stick my nose in her neck and drink in all that luscious baby smell. I want to hold her on the couch until she falls asleep and becomes that little wad of baby on my chest.

I want to celebrate the long awaited arrival with my sister who was never really sure she would have children in the first place. This baby has been a hard fought battle for Sis and I want to jump for joy and shout to the heavens how wonderful God is!

I want to hold my niece.

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