Friday, August 21, 2009

Post 100... wow...

It wasn't like I didn't know it was going to get here. I did. I hoped it would get here. I just didn't know it would feel like this. It feels very sudden. It isn't really. Just snuck up on me while I was having so much fun...

And I am. Having fun, that is.

I have fallen into this blogosphere and made myself right at home. It has awakened in me a passion for writing that I haven't had for years. I am thoroughly enjoying myself. I can only hope that the few that log in and read what I have to say are mildly entertained.

That isn't why I started this here bloggity blog. I started because I couldn't keep my big cyber-stalking nose to myself and I kept logging into certain Face Book pages that were really none of my business! I would not only cyber-spy, I would wind myself all up about it and dream up things to be worried about, offended about and generally upset about. Silly, right? That a grown woman can't keep herself from getting sick at her stomach over a silly website... Well, I can't. So I decided, for my own mental health, to shut down my FB account and started up this blog. I started by wanting to just keep family and friends informed.

It has blossomed into so much more.

I love it. It is a release for me. All those things that run around in my head end up on these "pages" give me a satisfaction that I cannot explain. Here I can just be.

Thanks to all those who have encouraged me to continue on. You know who you are. I thank you. Your kind words and support mean a lot. See you on the other side! Post #101 coming right up!

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