Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bucket List Item #9: Give it all away...

There are a few things in my life that give me a kind of gleeful pleasure that cannot be topped. The birth of my children (after the screaming and cursing), my marriage to Hubby (again, after the screaming and cursing... And then during the screaming and the cursing), and doing something anonymously for someone who needs it.

There have not been many times I have been able to do this. But I do have vague recollections... I will not divulge what I have done under cover of darkness (using my Queenly powers for good, not evil, this time) because I truly feel the blessing is in the anonymity. I know. God knows. That is all that is necessary...

I hope that someday, again, I will have the opportunity and the resources to give someone something they desperately need. Whether it is time, money, furniture, something that just blesses them, I want to sit in the wings and smile quietly. I want to know that I have impact. That I can do things that they didn't have the availability to do themselves. I want to know I helped and yet, I don't need the baggage of recognition.

Lest you think me fake and altruistic in ways that just are not in my princess nature, I like recognition. I do, A LOT! But there are just times when Grudgey Greta and The Queen of Everything take a backseat to Trudy True-Blue. (I tried to tell you she was a gem!) That chick has some ninja moves of her own that just flatten the other two with her sunshine and bliss. Yes, there are times I surprise even me!

I want to give away something big - anonymously.


  1. Cheers for you. I agree, gifts and services given anonymously are the best of all. I love it when someone humbly gives to those in need or their community without taking any credit for their generosity. I find people who need recolonization for their "gifts" are really gifting themselves.A lot of egos are fed that way.

  2. "recognition"...oops...sorry about the spelling mistake in my first post...should edit more carefully!

  3. Thanks! (if it weren't for spell check I'd be a mess!)

  4. HI don't need my 40th giveaway you've been with me for a long time and I 'preciate it. I love this post, you are so right there are times it's all about what we know in our hearts. Love the bucket list...may have to think about this for my blog if you don't mind me being inspired (COPYING) you!

  5. McG - I would be terribly honored if you decided to jump into the Bucket with me! I would love to see what you have on your list! Thanks for reading!


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