Monday, August 10, 2009

Secret #28 - Backseat Bartender

You may have gathered from previous posts I have a thing for Vodka. I love a good martini. I love a simple mixed drink. I can handle a nice liqueur on occasion. (Read: I am generally a "libation lech")

We have a wonderful martini bar in town that is my favorite place to go on a night out with Hubby, friends, gal-pals... I love to go and sample from the vast menu of exotic and exclusive concoctions.

I also love to try my hand at the bar (in my own home, of course). My very best girl friend has a Hubby that is a bartender. He is also a superintendent at a golf course. I think that once you get mixology into your blood, it never really goes away. He is the most awesome dude at making something that you might like... Just give him a taste preference and a little direction and, viola! He will mix up something that just may do the trick...

I aspire to such greatness.

Each year, Hubby and I honor our loyal clients with a Christmas party. I try to find a drink for the ladies to try that evening. Usually we have a martini that is red in color. Cosmopolitans, Pomatinis and variations of those. At various gatherings we put together, either last minute or invitationals, I am known for making up something yummy to drink. I truly enjoy making up drinks.

I am a backseat bartender... I love to try my hand and see how close I come. I enjoy it.

Until the next morning. I don't enjoy that... Along with my stock in Benadryl, maybe I should buy stock in Advil.

Can I get you a drink?

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