Sunday, August 2, 2009

secret #20 - Grand Theft Auto

This is a picture of my 1977 Datsun 280Z. Made...Image via Wikipedia

Ya, that's right. I'm a fugitive from way back. Way, way back... Eons ago! I cringe to thing that my mother regularly reads this blog and now she will know without a doubt that I broke all the rules growing up! (Sorry, Mom. No real surprise, is it?)

I have this girlfriend. She is the only blast from my past that I have kept around me because I just adore her. And the things we can talk about and remember! I still try to get together with her about once a month to have lunch and keep in touch. It really is ridiculous that we don't have more time together, considering we live less than 30 miles apart. Alas, this seems to just be the way it goes with being a grown up!

It was this girlfriend that I hung out with through most of my teen years. Her dad ran a popular radio station in our city and she was always in the know for concert tickets (though I didn't ever go to any) and the latest records were always playing on her stereo (yes, I said records. Read: way, way, way back!). She also had the coolest first car! Even before it was really her first car... It was a 280Z and it was equipped with a killer stereo and a sun roof...

One evening, when her dad was not paying attention, we got bored and decided to take the Z out for a spin... Granted, we only snuck down the hill to the 7-11 convenience store for some Slurpees and candy, but we felt like a pair of hooligans, none the less. We had, in effect, stolen the car and joy rode to the quickie mart! Of all the irresponsible things I did in my youth, this was mild. But it is a secret I don't remember telling anyone at all. It was just between my gal-pal and me. Until now.

Sorry, Mom!
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