Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bucket List Item #6: Return to Jamaica, mon!

Negril Jamaica BeachImage by Denver Pam via Flickr

Crystal clear water, white sandy beaches, the colors that almost knock you over and food that makes you want to burst for eating so much of it....

Hubby and I honeymooned in Ja. I absolutely looooved it! The beach and the hotel and the people and the most incredible food and drink! Not to mention it was our honeymoon... C'mon, mon! It was stellar in a way that I cannot ever hope to duplicate.

But I would like to revisit Jamaica on older legs with more appreciation for the details, more love of life and what I can take out of just sitting with Hubby in a place that holds such amazing memories for us.

When we first went on our honeymoon, we forgot the camera. Let's face it, there were other things on our minds... (blushes slightly) I would not make that mistake again! Even though I have to take the sad, sad P&S Canon... I would have some pictures of our time there! Irregardless of the fact that I should never be photographed in a bathing suit... EVER!

I want to go back to Jamaica.
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