Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Secret #22 - I know how to drive the tractor (mostly)

Zetor Proxima Plus 10541Image via Wikipedia

It's a darned good thing that Hubby doesn't read this here blog. This is a very well kept secret that I have not divulged to anyone on any basis, ever. I don't know why I take this chance that someone might find out that I actually can drive around that silly contraption and actually make me do it.

Here's the one thing that keeps me fairly safe in this, however. I may know how to drive the silly Zetor tractor around, but I cannot ever seem to get it started and I cannot keep those silly levers straight to make the bucket/drag work. I prefer to remain the lovely but useless woman when it comes to the heavy equipment around the ranch. It makes much more sense.

Besides, how many Queens of Everything do you see behind the wheel of the tractor???

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  1. Other words of wisdom - "never admit that you can milk the cow!"


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