Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bucket List Item #15: Go Camping

Yes, I have been camping. No, not in this century and not since I was about 10 years old. I want to try that one more time. I have a few stipulations, though, and that is why I am certain this Item will stay right here on the list.

I have this memory of camping that only children have. I don't remember sleeping on the ground, all lumpy and bumpy with rocks under the tent liner. I don't remember disastrous food prep. I don't remember being horrified at having to pee outside, and other unmentionables, although I do remember the fact that I still cannot pee without somehow getting it on my feet - EEEEEEEWWWW!

I have romanticized this camping phenomenon. I think that I want to do it one more time before I hit that great beyond, but then I start thinking about what that entails. Setting up a tent. Boiling water. Sleeping (or not) on the ground. Cooking over a campfire. Being overly aware of how much I might look like a snack for some unknown beast just beyond the light of the campfire. Oh, yes - the campfire! I have to figure that one out too!
You see why this item may just leave itself right here on the list? Can you see the Queen of Everything squatting in the woods trying not to pee on her stilettos? I think not! But if I am anything, I am stubborn...

I want to go camping, one more time... I think... Maybe... OK, how about camping in my backyard where I can come inside when I can't sleep?

A fire lit using twigs and pine cones.

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  1. Do what we did, we took a tent and a camp light, then we pitched it in a campsite right next to our friends who had a lovely camper!!! It was a pretty harrowing experience all the same, not one that will be repeated soon.

  2. Ali - Yeah... My friends are too smart to camp! LOL! I think camping in a camp trailer would be the best idea yet! And probably the only way I would do it at all...


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