Monday, August 24, 2009

Bucket List Item #11: See my kids find the love of their lives

I have been attending quite a few weddings in the last years. I have another one I am "taking for the team" while Hubby is away over the hill working and showing horses just this coming weekend. I don't mind all that much. I kind of like weddings. I cry almost every time. Sentimental, yes. I don't care. As we all know, my emotions are often sitting right there on my sleeve and I seldom apologize for it.

It is this time that makes me rather reflective. I said, just recently, to Hubby that I was realizing that we were no longer attending weddings of our friends, but of our friends' children. Of course, I started realizing that that meant that our kids are gaining speed into adulthood. A frightening prospect...

I think about how I was as a young adult and it scares the tar outta me! I want to save my kids from so many mistakes I made. And yet, I know that this is not possible. Just not possible. I can advise, I can pray, but I cannot take their place in the real world with all its real world people.

On that note, I have begun to pray again for each of my offspring to find that one true love. That one mate that just makes them complete. I look at Hubby and I realize that I did that part right. Not necessarily because I chose it. I was a little stubborn on that note. The fact that we are together makes it very apparent that God will have his way, irregardless of my desires to flit about and "date"... But he does complete me. He is the rational to my irrational thought. He is the calm to my storm. He is the forgiveness to my Grudgy Greta. He is humble against my Queen of Everything.

Marriage is hard. I have found it very satisfying, but it is excruciatingly difficult. I pray that my children will find the person that completes them in ways that only God could design. I pray that I can help guide them into a relationship that will weather the most difficult times as well as the most joyful. I want them to have partners that not only love them, but respect them, cherish them, find them unfailingly indispensable. I want them to find spouses that will stick it out, no matter what.

I want to see my kids find true, lasting, heart rending love.

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