Thursday, July 2, 2009

Brenham, TX

If I thought that Oklahoma was hotter than a firecracker, I soon learned that Texas was sweltering, though strangely without as much humidity. I had been warned that I would be facing air that just didn't move and was so heavy with moisture I might actually become stuck in mid-stride. That was simply not the case. Houston is aparently in a drought situation right now, having not seen rainfall since early March. Tragic, since I was expecting sub-tropic flora and fauna... The grass, what there was of it, actually crunched underfoot!

We went on a short walking tour of downtown Brenham, Texas. It was filled with all the old shops and store-fronts. I began to feel nostalgic for those old southern towns, with their languid pace and friendly smiles. We ducked into shops as we heated up to suck up the air conditioning and browse the antique malls and craft booth malls set in old, character filled buildings. There was even a mall that was closing down that had some very good deals! (Since I am bringing home some presents for family, I cannot divulge the booty as yet...) It was wonderful and made me want to "nest" in a bad way! I simply love the southern decorating style, with its magnolias and chunky woods mingling with fine china and wrought iron... If I only had the time - and the funds!

I am sorry I didn't have more room to pack stuff home! This would have been a treasure!

Brenham Courthouse

The feel of small towns is one I am always amazed by. I love the old store fronts and the lazy feel as we walked down the streets. It is that slow feel that makes it so enchanting. Having grown up in a large city and then moved to the rural countryside with my husband, I was enthralled with the comraderie and the friendliness around us as we walked, though it was late in the day. The other thing I found crazy about this small southern town was the fact that at 5pm it all shut down! There was not a single shop in the down town area that was open after 5:30! That was absolutely astounding to me! It made it very quiet as we were almost the only ones browsing at all.

The air was hazy and sticky with the heat, but it had it's yeild of beauty too... Flowers were on their last blooms and I had to search to find ones that were still fresh. But they were gorgeous!

I just love the red center...

Must Be Heaven Cafe... And the ice cream really was heavenly!

We had a snack in a wonderful little cafe/ice cream parlor. It had that old time feel that I love with dark wood and a marble bar top. It was cool and cluttered with antiques. The ice cream was Blue Bell and I am told it is absolutely the best in the country... I have to agree! That hot day and the Mocha Almond Fudge... I was very content! I did have to stop the gal from loading me down with almost a pint of ice cream when I mistakenly ordered a "Two Scoop" bowl! Everything really is bigger in TX!!!!!

I so would have brought this bench home, had I had the room! It was wonderfully old and creaky and would have made my Hubby shake his head at me in absolute disgust! (Again, the aversion to patio furniture must be the culprit!) I had to walk away as I started to think about shipping and how I might con my brother in law to drive it down on their trip to Lake Powell....

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