Friday, July 24, 2009

Secret # 11 - Shoe Maven

There are a few things I have a penchant for. I love ice cream. I love shopping for a new dress for my birthday, even if I will only wear it the one time. I think computer games are awesome. And I love high heeled shoes!

No... These are not all of them...

I am not one of those people that buys all kinds of shoes. I love heels. High ones. Comfy-ish ones, wedges, pumps, stilettos, pointy toes, round toes, patent leather, suede, slides, sexy boots, excruciatingly painful ones... Yuuuuummmmmmy!

I wear heels with skirts, dresses and jeans. I wear them to casual affairs, dressy dinners and family gatherings. I love the way a pair of sassy heels makes my less than leggy frame look less chunky and more willowy... OK. Maybe that isn't possible or even believable, but it is the way they make me feel. (And that is all that really counts, right? RIGHT!)

I have a delicious pair of pumps that are my signature purple color and I actually found a purse that matches! The incredible part is not that I found a matching purse, of course, but that I found it separately! They are not made by the same manufacturer, even. And the marvelous-ness known as Hubby allowed me to purchase said purse despite the fact that I walked away from it once, feeling it was overpriced. (He is a gem!)

I don't get to wear heels as often as I would if I lived somewhere that the roads are actually paved, but I find every available opportunity to slip my treasures on and prance around.

Some love their Chucks - I agree, they are very cool... But there is nothing like a terrifyingly high pair of red patent leather pumps with a funky crepe sole!

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  1. For years I couldn't wear anything but good sneakers with orthotics in them due to problems with my feet... plantar fascitis and at one time stress fractures. But this year for unknown reasons my feet have been so much better that I can actually wear sandals, and shoes with a wedge heel. I think my feet are getting stronger do to doing some yoga poses plus I've lost some weight and have been able to maintain it...that's the only explanation I can come up with. But it's great being able to buy shoes other than sneakers and I've amassed quite a collection now. While I can't wear high heeled pumps and never will be able to, it feels so liberating to go into a shoe store and come out with something at least half way sexy. I think my hubby is liking it too.

    I'm enjoying reading your blog!


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