Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lake Front Property

It has been a wonderful few days for the kids and I. We have been basking in the company of Auntie Bekki and Uncle Bryan and while we miss being home, it has just been a wonderful get away!

Bryan is ingenious at finding things to do that catch the interest of Boy and Girl. We recently went down to the Lake front to check out the water, walk Jake the Wonder Dog and generally sweat off a few pounds!

I love the architecture down by Lake Pontchartrain. The houses are up on pylons to keep from flooding in bad weather, although most of these have seen a major rebuild since Katrina. The big porch fronts and wicker furniture are welcoming and inviting. Wouldn't it just be wonderful to sit out on the chairs in the evenings and sip icy drinks while you watch the sun set and the water sparkle?

Some of the houses have fake walls to hide the pylons... This is an old style Louisiana home... Bryan's favorite.

This one is HUGE!

The jetties are topped with birdhouses set up to lure back the Purple Martin and seem to be working rather well. They swoop and dive, catching insects and putting on a display for us to oooh and ahh over.
We did make another trip down to let the kids play in the murky waters. Pontchartrain is rarely glassy, so the waves make things a little muddier than the grown ups like, but for kids - It's all good! It was great to watch the kids enjoy their first "beachy" experience, as they haven't been to the ocean yet. Boy brought in some shells and Girl has a piece of worn wood that is old and petrified enough to feel like stone.

Ever the clown....

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