Thursday, July 23, 2009

Secret # 10 - I wear biggie glasses

About 10 years ago I made a decision regarding my eyesight that has made me a lens free zone. I had laser surgery to correct my very poor eyesight. I was 20/350 in one eye and 20/450 in the other. I couldn't see past the end of my own nose without glasses or contact lenses. So, of course, I wore corrective lenses, 24/7.

Problem was, I wore the wrong type due to my lack of funds. I often wore daily wear disposable lenses in my eyes for over 6 months at a time, rarely taking them out. Not safe, to say the least! Hubby, who loves me very much, told me either I got something done about my eye wear habits or get the laser surgery and be done with it. I chose the surgery, being very aware I was not going to break a very ingrained habit any time soon.

So after 10 years of perfect eye sight enjoyment (even better, as I was corrected in both eyes to 20/15), imagine my dismay when I realized that the reason I couldn't focus on my allergy medicine bottle had nothing to do with eye floaters!

I kid you not... I literally thought that I had something in my eyes!

I was standing in the local drug store, attempting to discern if the two allergy meds I wanted to purchase would have adverse interaction warnings. I could NOT read the stinkin' labels! It took a minute of looking down, looking up, stretching out my arm, and looking closer for me to harrumph over to that dreaded display of magnifying specs. I picked out a hideous pair of the things and perched them on the end of my nose and placed said bottles in the line of sight. Now I could read the label. CRAP! I took them off and tried again... Not eye floaters - old eyeball decrepit-ness!

I'm so bummed... I need biggie glasses.

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