Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Insectarium or I May Never Sleep Again!

This little treat was quite interesting, but I have to admit, I left itching all over!!!!! Quite the sensory overload looking at all the creepy crawly things and watching the kids peer into all the amazing exhibits.
A few grimaces were shared by all...

Deadly stuff and not so deadly stuff... Creepy, crawly all the same!

Cockroaches the size of your palm!

We did have a splendid time getting around the building and there was always another room full of stuff to see. Girl and I agreed that the Butterflies made up for it all with their incredible iridescent colors that looked airbrushed on .

It was absolutely amazing how the colors seemed so unreal! As if somehow someone had hand painted all these bugs for a display... It was beyond anything your imagination could capture. Then there was the room full of live butterflies. I had one light on my shoulder that had a lady practically squealing as she took pictures. At least I hope that was what she was squealing about (shudder)!

Original Jewel-Tones

Both Girl and Boy enjoyed themselves, and while I was creeped out completely and may never truly sleep a deep sleep again, I was impressed with what we learned. We watched short movie in one of those interactive theatres that sprayed stuff in your face and poked your seat - quite annoying! I hate things that make me scream right out loud in public... Could have done without the stink bug smell too. Blech! There were videos and displays on almost every type of bug from Cockroaches to mosquitoes to termites and love bugs... I, frankly, didn't know there even was such a thing, outside of a Volkswagen!

The underground display... Riding an earthworm!
Ah yes, culture comes in many shapes and sizes... I am just thankful that most of these were fairly exotic and I don't have to deal with them on a daily basis!

I can't stand spiders and Tarantulas are no exception! (biiiiig shudder!)

This dude cracked me up... "It's mine... ALLLLLL Mine!" (He's got a banana between his front legs with his proboscis stuck right in the middle of it...)

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