Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Simple Things, Part Deux...

As our wonderful Christina can attest to... The simple things in life bring the most enjoyment and the purest sense of self for me. I have contemplated what that is, having since been away from home for the past two weeks. Here is my list of simple things this week that are making me one satisfied lady:

  • My own bed, equipped with one lovely man who cares deeply for me, no matter how much weight I gained eating Louisiana food and drinking daquiris in the heat.

  • Being American in a time so full of freedom and acceptance with the realization that life is about loving what we have instead of constantly striving for the next big milestone.

  • Hot coffee with cream and sugar - I might just vaporize into thin air without my morning cup!

  • The health of my children.

  • The smell of cut grass

  • Flowers in bloom in pots or beds or in the wild. They are God's dress clothes and they are splendid!

  • My Bible and journal. Both may be frayed around the edges, but that just means I am not... Well, mostly... Ok - I'm frayed! But I am working on it! :)

  • Animal fur... Wait! Let me explain! I love the way I can sit in the floor and love on the dogs and cats and the bunnies and bury my face in their fur and have them love me back unconditionally. They don't care where I went or why I went there, they only care that I am back... That is delish!

  • My general sense of safety. I am so fortunate to have that sense of where I am going, what I am doing and that I can do it without bombs flying about or threat of gunfire or kidnapping. So many other places don't have that.

  • Honest to goodness friends. I am blessed with a few that I know would be there for me, no matter what time or what the problem is. I don't have handfuls, but I have a few and I count them one of my simple things!

Thank you again, Christina, for this wonderful oportunity to reflect and put a little thankfulness back into my crazy day!


  1. Oh I just loved the frayed part. The journal, Bible and you. Yes, me too, but it's a good look!
    What a beautiful list. The orange flower? Bliss.

  2. You have a sweet list, Stacey. I like burrying my face in my cat's fur too. She loves when I do it too.

  3. Hello. I'm just now getting around to all of Christina's friends. I just wanted to say hello and tell you how much I enjoyed reading your list. What a marvelous list.

  4. Thank you so much, Ladies! I am honored that you even have me on your radar! Sorry it took so long to respond!


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