Saturday, July 25, 2009

Secret #12 - The Anti-Fitness Queen

Jane Fonda is not a hero to me (for myriad reasons including those ridiculous '80s fitness tapes), I don't pause even for a second at the piles of Pilate's equipment for sale around me (unless, of course, there is something purple in the pile), I think Madonna looks freakish not fit, and I laugh at joggers and bikers as I speed past in my sporty new Ford Edge. Despite my growing waist-line, I have never been a fan of exercise.

By "not a fan", I mean I loathe it. Desperately. Hate to sweat. Especially sweating due to exertion.

I have come to realize that this avoidance will have to cease once the diet is completed, and my "maintenance" phase is over. I am not looking forward to it. Sounds like work. Hard work. I can diet more readily than exercise. But it seems that if the input is to increase, the output is going to have to as well. (I hate being a grown up!)

Thank goodness for the Wii. I might be able to trick my anti-fitness brain into thinking it is a game. In fact, some of the exercises are actually kind of fun.

But not the lunges. Definitely not the lunges. I hate the lunges.

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  1. Ha ha, I know where you're coming from but it isn't so bad once you get started, but why we find it so hard to get motivated is hard to understand. For me, I always feel so much better's just getting your foot out the door. And by the way, I too am a passionate purple lover. I don't believe you have to be old to wear purple.

  2. Marisa - Thanks so much for stopping in! Always glad to hear from a fellow Purple lover!


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