Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Secret #15 - Queen of Everything (Wherein she admits to being spoiled rotten!)

I just love Mary Englebreight's attitude and her lovely little Queen! In fact, I relate to being the Queen of Everything on every level possible.

Mr. Wonderful, a.k.a. Hubby, has always made sure that I am treated like a princess and is guilty of spoiling the living tar out of me on a regular basis. I don't mind. I love it, in fact. He is absolutely the best Hubby a girl could want. Tells me yes most often, but also isn't afraid to tell me no and stick to it when it counts. He is the best gift giver (from jewels to purses to dresses and other clothing items) and the most romantic dude around. For a cowboy and a man's man, I have to say he is just the best find ever! (Right up there with a Macy's sale!)

Because Hubby is so sweet, you would think that I might become overbearing and difficult to deal with... Not so! I just have to assert, every now and then, that I am no Princess. In fact, my station is much higher than that. I am the Queen of Everything! I am a benevolent Queen, most often. I can be seen doing good deeds for my children, our clients, close friends and of course family members. But sometimes, my Queenie-ness is not so sweet. I can be a bit spoiled... Ok - ALOT spoiled!

I have never denied being spoiled, though. I admit it and I try hard not to abuse it. I do know that my crown is looked upon with the most distain when Grudgy Greta has it on. She is a real pain and not at all good for Crown relations. We have to be careful when she is out and about... For the most part, my reign as the QoE is taken with a grain of salt and looked upon as a Windsor-ish model. I don't really have all the power (if I have any at all), but Hubby loves to dub me the Queen in charge and I am happy to oblige.
Now, someone hand me my sceptor and my coffee... I have things to do and people to see!

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