Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

The day was another wonderful trip with Bryan and Bek. This time to the ball park to watch the Zephyrs play ball at the local baseball park across the bridge in Metairie, LA. We had "ball park food" (read: nachos, hot dogs, slushies aka "snow balls", and pretzels) and lots to drink (water, not alcohol...) and afterward they set off fireworks and hosted a band for all to enjoy.

It was wonderful and hot and sweaty and yet I am still in awe of how lucky we are and how fortunate my children are to have been born in our great country. We take it so for granted all the time and rarely stop to realize how truly lucky we are to be able to be here and have every advantage all but handed to us on a silver platter. It made me very thankful and aware of all my advantages.

I hope your holiday was as spectacular as ours was... Wherever you happen to be!

Looks like palm trees to me...


  1. these are really some amazing shots, you captured. i had more luck with firework shots this year, but not much. i am grateful for the celebration though.
    i hope you will join me for the simple things.
    ; )

  2. Thank you so much Christina! I really appreciate even being on your radar! :) Of course I will participate... I am already formulating my simple things as I sit in front of my computer and have a wonderful glass of wine. I am so glad to be home!
    Funny about the pix, tho... That is from my BlackBerry because I left my camera in the car by accident! LOL! God blesses intentions I guess!


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