Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Secret #7 - I am a Pathetic People Pleaser

You probably wouldn't know this on the surface of me. I am not all squishy and pantingly sweet and often I hide this secret with naughty words and a prickly demeanor. When I find someone that doesn't seem to "cotton" to me, I tend to slough it off - outwardly. Inwardly is a whole 'nuther ball game!

I fret and contemplate why it is that absolutely everyone isn't enthralled with the magic that is me... Did I do something offensive? Could I have changed that? If it is easy to change that, will I? I ramble around it in a completely obsessive manner until I make myself sick-ish.

I am working on that whole thing... Kind of a secret that may be an over-share. But there it is. I want you to like me! Now... Like me! (I'm cool in a very dorkish sort of way... really.... please?)

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