Sunday, July 12, 2009


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I don't do well when I don't eat. I can't stand it in fact. Most times I get all wobbly and sick at my stomach and then I gorge myself on stuff I shouldn't to feel better faster. I do believe I am borderline Hypoglycemic. This lovely part of my personality has developed into quite the gut! Yes, I have moved past "poochy" to back fat and cows lowing!

Thus the brilliant idea to diet. With Hubby. For support, you know. Spectacular. Really. His ability to ignore the hunger pangs is at once reassuring and maddening. I am not sickly, which makes me even madder. I am just....

I am freaking starving! I want a candy bar and a martini and a steak and mashed potatos and a salad with ranch dressing!!!!!!

I have settled for plain yogurt sweetened with Stevia and vanilla. It helps and it is low-cal. But I am gradually heading into the land of cranky.

I have, however, lost 3 pounds. So I will keep going. For now.

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  1. Psh - What are you on a diet for? You don't need to loose weight. So, go ahead and indulge just a little. :)

  2. Ah - How sweet you are my lovely Jess! I just hide weight well! (Until it's shorts season!)I just have a small goal to get to, nothing drastic! :P


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