Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Secret #16 - Coffee, my addiction is severe...

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I don't know if this qualifies as a secret... But it is something I don't advertise readily. (Hubby has outed me at times to unsuspecting house guests baffled by my early morning stumping to the kitchen without a word of hello...)

I have a serious addiction to coffee. I cannot get my morning productively started without a stiff cup of Joe. I don't make the tea-like brew I grew up with. I make "cowboy coffee" as my mom refers to it. I make coffee that rivals any coffee house in the near vicinity. Mostly, because I cannot just hop in the car and jet to the nearest Starbucks for a hot cup. That is a minimum of 30 minutes drive from our door.... And me driving without first having my coffee is definitely not recommended! Speaking to me in more than three word sentences before my first cup of coffee is also adamantly discouraged.

I guess the actual secret would be that, I have an addiction to kitchy little coffee shops that have excellent coffee inside and wonderfully eclectic decor. I don't get to run away from home very often, but when I do you can find me in a coffee shop. There is something enthralling about a good cup of coffee in a coffee shop with WI-FI and my computer nearby.

I love packing up my day and heading to a coffee shop to be productive in an unfamiliar environment. It is absolutely mysterious to me how I can move my entire day into a couple of totes and get so much more done on my list in a coffee shop than I can in my own office or card room. Maybe it is the fact that no one interrupts me unless it is to get me something. No one is there to ask where something is (even if it is something I don't use, somehow - Magically - I am supposed to know where to look for it). No one asks me what is for lunch... In fact, sometimes I am even asked if I want lunch... Go figure!
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