Monday, July 27, 2009

Secret #14 - I find Carrot Top hilarious!

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We have a saying in the barn, us redheads. There are a few of us and we refer to those around who are blessed with natural red locks as "one of our people." Now, us three have much in common except one thing. I find another of "our people" deserving of loud guffaws and side splitting giggles.

I think Carrot Top, the prop comedian, absolutely hilarious! He makes me laugh every time I see him... Yes, every single lame, pretentious, just this side of the line joke or prop has me absolutely rolling! In fact, we saw his act in Vegas two years ago and I was so exhuberant in my laughter Hubby was humiliated when I was all but pointed out by CT himself. ("Funny? No? I guess that was just for the lady up there in the middle...")
Again, these are secrets, people. Probably things that most don't know about me and may not want to know! But here they are!

I do have to qualify my love for this particular comedian with the disclaimer that as of right now, he is extremely difficult to look at. I really enjoyed him pre-buff when he was a skinny dude with no plastic surgery and little to find controversial besides his off-beat sense of humor. I also have to admit, I don't care... I would watch him again, irregardless! That guy cracks me up!
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  1. I agree about the post surgery CT. His face has become odd.


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