Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Secret #2 - My Name is Stacey and I am a Techno Junkie

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That's right. It is possible to not own a Mac and still be a techno-junkie in a bad, bad way! And no, I don't have an IPhone either... Yet! (read: Stubborn loyalty to cell service provider has prevented IPhone purchase.)

I do have a Black Berry and I love it. I have a Dell Laptop (with purple flower-dy top) and I love that. I have one of those ridiculously small blue tooth earpieces... No, I don't use it very often, as the car we have (revealed in Secret #1) has SYNC - another techy "ooooh-aaaaaah".

I am in love with gadgetry (is that a word?). I like kitchen gadgets, office gadgets, hair gadgets and computer gadgets. If it has a promotional guru that harangues you for a sale, I probably have secretly drooled over it! Thus the heart and soul of this secret....

I watch info-mercials. That is right! The Shark, the Roomba, the Nu-Wave Oven, the PedEgg... I have watched them all. I have even stood in front of the displays at the local Bed, Bath, and Beyond Store, ping-ponging back and forth whether I really can sell the idea to Hubby. Most often, I walk away, almost always with a plan to return. (We also know, from Secret #1, if I really wanted it, I would just buy it!)

I love the idea of things that will save me time and money. I love the idea that there is something out there that my grandmother would just shake her head at my owning. She was often my gauge for what was truly a silly purchase. That, of course, didn't mean I didn't purchase it. It just meant I was a little more careful what I divulged to the general public! (I have a set of those ridiculous Miracle Blade Knives I cringe about... THAT was Hubby's idea!)

My name is Stacey, and I am a techno-junkie...
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  1. You should be proud! I barely know how to work all the gadgets I DON'T have. lol
    I do love itunes though.
    ; )


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