Thursday, July 23, 2009

Secret #9 - I am a Reality TV Junkie

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This secrets thing could be the death of ever thinking I might be able to project myself as an intelligent human being... But, alas, these are too pathetic to not be true!

I am addicted to reality TV. Survivor, Hell's Kitchen, Big Brother, Chopping Block, America's Next Top Model, Nanny 911 - I can watch them all! About the only place I draw the line is that Wife Swap thing-a-ma-jigger... that I cannot seem to watch. There is just something about jacking with one's family that makes me too mad to watch the show. (I know, I can see you shaking your head - I didn't say it made sense!)

I have watched all seasons of Survivor and cannot seem to quit logging on to watch Big Bro on the Internet. I don't actually subscribe to the feed, not quite that desperate. But I cannot watch it live, as Hubby says it is trash (can't say I disagree). I am reduced to watching back episodes on the Internet. Probably best, as we really do strive to teach our kids that lying is bad and shallow attitude is not what makes a person likable. Hell's Kitchen I find incredibly funny and it is the closest thing to a foodie that I will ever be. Chopping Block makes me really happy I don't work in the food industry any more. America's Next Top Model is a guilty pleasure that is as close as I will ever come to a fashionista... Seeing a pattern here?

I am sure one of the main reasons we don't have cable or dish has much to do with the fact that I wouldn't get anything done - EVER! There is a lot of RTV out there that I don't get to watch. I save it up for hotel stays. (Read: Cake Boss and Next Food Network Star.)

Mostly, I think it has appeal because it is absolute escapism. I am finding that blogging is starting to take that place. I can watch inordinate amounts of TV or I can sit an get some of my 30 Days done... I am gradually picking the blogging more than the TV.... I might just grow up after all! (Shh, don't tell Hubby - He would be so disappointed!)
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