Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A List...

When I desperately need to get organized, I make a list. It is my way of getting my brain off of that scary gerbil wheel of lunacy and start ticking things off... It keeps me sane. So today, I am making a list of a different kind -
  • Note to self: Starting a diet with Hubby was not a great idea. Devise ways to feed him yummy pudding in his sleep without choking him. (I do still love him after all... I just can't stand that he beats me at everything!)

  • Note to self: Using your pent up frustrations to clean out a fridge you are selling (hopefully) might actually cause someone to think you have this ability in you on a regular basis...

  • Note to self: The day the gal comes to clean the house is always the day you want to clean it before she sees how you REALLY live....

  • Note to self: Coffee with 2TBS milk and Stevia for sweetner is a poor excuse for caffeine intake.

  • Note to self: The best friends are the ones who laugh at you, not with you!

  • Note to self: Driving to the barn with a phone call from France hanging in the balance is probably better done with clothes on, rather than in ones robe and slip-ons (Sorry all!)

  • Note to self: When making a list for organizing the day, do not start blogging.


  1. Dude! You are so speaking the truth! We gotta figure out a way to get that pudding in him. LOL
    You are too cool!

  2. Thanks... It really is a shame that without hardly trying he has lost 10 lbs, while I struggle along and am watching every calorie for a 4.4 lb loss! :P


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