Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Secret #1 - Instant Gratification

As Spudballoo has started a trend, I am not one to be left out! (Even though I am only a lurker in the back ground!) I have made my 30 Secrets in 30 Days list and am now committing to start down that road... Beware!

For my first confession, I lay out a light secret:

I very rarely wait, save or shop for things. I decide I want something... And I go buy that something! From phones, to shoes, to clothes, to cars (the car pictured is the model I recently convinced Hubby we could afford) - I do not wait to buy the item of choice. This comes from the simple fact that I deal with our finances and I know what we can afford at any given time. 2007-2008 Ford Edge photographed in USA.

It also stems largely from the fact that I am an extremely impatient person, on the whole. Thus, the fact that I am struggling with the diet issue. I want it all to be now! I want to be skinny fast, cook deliciously fast, bake fast (disastrous results ensue), and get there fast (tickets and high insurance premiums have curtailed this one).

I lamented waiting two and a half years to move into our home. That was torture for my instant-gratification-soul! But the sweetness of the reward taught me that sometimes - just sometimes - waiting is so wonderfully rewarded. Sometimes, waiting for that something I want so badly comes at God's own pace and it is sweet indeed!


  1. Awww...There is my sweet, beautiful, card that I long for. I am in some need of instant gratification.

    Psssttt...Love the Baby shower cards! You are too creative.

  2. Gracias, Jess! Try not to elope... I am really excited about gifting you your invites! :P


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