Saturday, June 27, 2009

Oklahoma in June or How Will I Survive Texas and Louisiana?

It is a constant roar. We speak in volume to be heard and often get lost in our own little worlds, sweltering as they are, because communication across the aisles isn't possible above the din. We are living in a world of fans, fans, swamp coolers and even more fans... Needless to say - It's hot down here!
Home for about a week...
We try in desperation to cool ourselves in the aisle ways with fans layered up on fans that only seem to move about the same sticky, heavy air that threatens to hold us in our chairs and stick us to each other. My kids are desperate for some affection because they feel so uncomfortable and yet when we touch, they instantly pull away. "Ugh! We are hot!"
We find solace in bigger fans... Ones with water inside!
And then there is the retreat to the air conditioned insides. Ahhhhh. If only for that moment while your body finds relief, you are comfortable. Then begins the battle of the "too colds!" I cannot tell you how much I enjoy our home climate in Colorado. I often wonder what folks find so wondrous about the southern states. I know the flowers are beautiful, the culture is rich, the food very comforting... But my goodness! The heat is something I don't know if I could get my head wrapped around!

And I think about the horses! What must they be thinking? Their lives are utterly at our human mercy and when we decide to do something like this, they are there to follow along.

Houston Shine, horse owned by Sheryl Mease

So as we get our gear ready for the second and third legs of our southern US trip, I am hoping God will see fit to acclimatize our systems even more. That we will be able to breath through the pea-soup thick air and not suffocate in the swampiness. And likewise, that we can deal with folks who know the finesse of air conditioning well. We are such amateurs at it...

All in all, the trip has been a good one. The horses were great, the owners spectacular and the rider was in fairly good spirits the whole time. We are blessed, truly to have had this opportunity. Even if we weren't blessed with notable success in the show pen, we are counting our blessings in other ways, a little wiser and maybe a titch subdued. Thanks to all who have made this life possible for us. We are truly grateful. We are also thankful we don't have to live our lives here, in Oklahoma... Where it's HOT!

Kenna Sue and Don Pablo, aka Freckles Quintana

Sheryl and Houston, aka Houston Shine

Our hearts go out to Emily, who is at home with a broken ankle. It was a shock and very hard to grasp when we got that call! A horse tipped over with her and fell smack on her ankle, breaking that little bone on either side, you know - the one that sticks out and makes those little bumps? That is broken off of both sides of her foot. It took the surgeon twice as long as he thought it would to repair and it was by far one of the worst breaks he had ever seen. Good news? Well, we are trying to find some in the fact that she will only be in recovery for about 6 weeks. Emily is an invaluable part of our training operation and will be sorely missed for those weeks. She will also be welcomed back with open arms when she is ready, no matter how long it takes!

In these times, when our world seems so upside down, it is perfectly understandable to see that those who travel around us bring a piece of home with them.

I am grateful that we have our home separate from the road. We long for our home, but we don't bring much of it with us. We wait until we take that drive up the entryway, reveling in the relief and the clarity it brings. It is absolutely the best feeling EVER! While I am very excited to see our family down south, I am also looking forward to that drive up the entryway. The drive that ends in a big hug from my Hullabaloo and a night in my own bed!

Any place that needs something named Muck Itch is NOT somewhere I want to live!

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