Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Simple Things

As listed here... Here are my ten things that make me happy.

  1. A tidy house. Since I rarely have one, this makes me very happy and sigh-ful. I seem to sleep much better too!
  2. New Technology... I am a sucker for the latest new phone, a new computer, new software. I just love it all!
  3. Sitting in my card room to while-away the hours creating until my cup is completely full!
  4. Stolen "ice cream moments." Ice cream doesn't have to even be involved. These are those times that you almost feel guilty for enjoying the particular moment, usually alone, as much as you are. I get this feeling eating ice cream by myself, wandering around a stamp store/scrap booking store, or an office supply store...
  5. Orange/citrus smells remind me of my grandfather. I used to sit on the counter top when he got home from work and rummage through his lunch pail (the metal kind with the half-round top) for something yummy he saved me. He always had an orange and the peels made the box smell sweet... It is still a huge comfort to me to smell oranges... (I should really get some Bergamot, huh? Muse?)
  6. When my hubby gives me a hug unsolicited.
  7. Martinis and impromptu parties on a Saturday night with folks that stayed the whole day at the barn and want to remain into the night.
  8. The day AFTER billing is done for Hubby's business.
  9. An extravagant bubble bath with a good book.
  10. The great night's sleep I get the day after I pay the mortgage and our car payment. I know I have another month to come up with that ridiculous amount of money again.


  1. "A tidy house" Oh, I can so relate to this simple and lovely feeling.


  2. It almost never happens with only 2300 sq ft and two preteens living in the dust of a horse ranch! LOL! I just love your site, lady! It was refreshing and a wonderful light in my day. Thank you!

  3. I enjoyed your list so much. I can just see your grandpa's lunch pail and the knarled hands that held it. You've made me miss my own grandpa. But, in a happy way. The missing is full of sweet memories.

  4. Relyn: Thanks for stopping by! My grandfather was only alive until I was around 17... I stayed with my grandparents daily while my mother worked, so our relationship was pretty close. I have very sweet memories of them both as well! Have a very good day! :)

  5. Lovely list. I love your line on sleeping after paying monthly bills. ;)

    have a great weekend.


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