Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm ok!

We are doing fine! I know some of you may have heard that we were in the wind yesterday... Literally! But with some prayer, a lot of preparation and about 15 minutes in the well pit, God saw fit to turn that nasty twister in another direction.

I do swear that it was headed right for us! Hubby took a short video from his phone (please excuse the quality, with 40 head of horses to batten down, there was no time for a better camera). As you can see, it was very close, and VERY large! All of the ponies were moved in, we all got in the well pit or under the house and we did great.

It did give the kids a scare and it gave them some odd comfort as well. The fact is, now they know Mom really does have a plan for disasters and it's a good one! Even the dogs fit into the well pit, although they were definitely confused!

Thanks for all the emails, calls and prayers!


  1. Why didn't I know this was going on? Thank you, Father!

  2. I'm not sure... Didn't you watch the local news? It was all over there last night and this morning...

  3. OMG that is crazy! We have had a tornado warning every day this week, but nothing like that. I am glad you guys are ok.

  4. Whoa Stacey! I had no idea! I'm so glad you made it through safe and sound. And it's amazing that your husband had the presence of mind to use his cellphone in that moment!

  5. Jess: Thanks! We are blessed to be all ok with no damage whatsoever!

    Muse: I am grateful that we all made it to the other side in one piece! Hubby is so wonderfully calm through stuff like this! I am surprised he didn't ask me to get a better camera!


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