Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Bro rocks!!!!

I have said before that my brother is an absolute genius with computers! He is so amazing to my addled brain! He has now figured out a way to set me up with a repeater that allows me to have actual wireless in my house... Before, mind you, I had to hook up what I have deemed the Red-Neck Antenna (see here) in order to enjoy a very limited leash at the kitchen table. And when I was online, it meant that the kids could NOT be online, since my machine kicked them off. Now even they can be online when I am! (maniacle giggle inserted here!)

My Bro took an old router I had and made it into a repeater that actually works with my N router! The Router that is hard-wired is actually 600+ feet away from the kitchen window... But wait! There's more! I can not only have access to the internet at the kitchen table - I can venture into the living room! SAAAWEEEEEET! Only someone who has dealt with rural internet issues can fully understand this freedom! I have a very unique situation where DSL isn't possible, Satellite is slow and my microwave connection sometimes deals with interference from some maniacal signal in the general direction of the neighbors... I can now put away the antenna's and quit having to explain why we poked holes in perfectly good collandars to get internet service! SCORE!

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