Sunday, June 7, 2009

I finally found it!!!!!

As a person who does not deal well with anything containing flour, or gluten in general, I have been relegated to the land of never having a sandwich again. It is a sad little land... One where a soft, chewy PBJ is never heard from... A BLT is non-existent! And forget chicken or egg salad - It is just not happening! If you feel particularly brave, you can toast most gluten free fare and choke down a dry and very unsatisfying sammie. Unsatisfying because once upon a time, I had two bread makers in my home. I made home made bread almost every day. I made pizza dough, cheddar bread, beer bread and plain old table bread. And the absolute best was hot bread with melted butter! It has been over a year since I have had such a thing! Until today!

I know, most of you folks are thinking I'm crazy - but imagine your most average day without bread... Seriously, fix yourself a quick meal on the go in your head... Or go to a fast food place and order... NOW you pickin up what I'm layin down??????

But today - TODAY is a different day! Today I discovered a bread maker mix that came out like, um - well, actual bread! No more eggy, tough, rough consistency loaves. Today, I cut into a loaf of gluten free bread that made me so happy, I actually started hyperventilating! It looks like real bread and more importantly, it tastes like real bread. It is soft like sandwich bread! To test it out thoroughly, I made an egg-salad sammie with it. ABSOLUTELY MARVELOUS! I actually was able to bend the bread into a taco like shape and it didn't break! (Imagine having to eat a sandwich on bread the consistency of banana bread... It is fine in a pinch, but not something you want to do regularly!)

The mix is pricey, but very worth it! I will buy it again! (Pamela's Wheat Free Bread Mix for those who may need this information.)


  1. Is this a new Pamela's product? Couldn't find it on the website.

  2. Anon: I think only the packaging changed. The new bag that I bought today was labeled Gluten Free Bread Mix... I have since posted a pic from Pamela's site. Sorry about the mix up!


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